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We are lucky that we are only a 10 minute walk from the South Staffordshire Railway Walk, which follows the path of a disused railway and also the Wombrook Walk which is a local nature reserve entirely within the boundaries of our village.  A short 5 minute car journey will also get us to large playing fields and parks such as Himley and Baggeridge, plus smaller parks with play equipment in Trysull and Swindon.


Our house is approximately 1 mile from Westfield Primary School.  Depending on the weather and the number of children, this could take approximately 5 minutes in the car or 30 minutes (at a child’s pace) by foot.  For smaller children, I have a number of pushchairs available including a double buggy.  Should we need to travel anywhere by car, we have a range of car seats available including rear-facing baby seats, forward-facing child seats and high-backed booster seats.










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