I follow the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage in an informal, play-based way to help children to learn and develop.  I assess the children’s progress regularly and work with you to help them move forwards.


Activities will be planned and based upon children’s individual needs, stage and interests.  As far as possible, I encourage children to engage in a wide range of activities which include arts and craft, puzzles, role-play, construction, books and so on.  As part of my educational background, I aim to make as many links as possible to the different areas of learning within the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.  I have a wide range of toys and equipment for children of all ages and abilities, including babies and children with special educational needs. 


Where possible, the outdoor environment will be used to support any activities we participate in.   This may be in our rear garden where children may choose to play on the grass, on bikes/scooters or in the sand/water pit.  We also have an area in the garden, covered with play bark, for children to play.  Alternatively, it may be in the local environment where we can go on nature trails, complete scavenger hunts and so on.   


As well as nurturing the academic, personal and emotional skills that will help your child to develop, we also learn about to care for one another and the environment around us.  Steph’s Kiddiwinks aims to get involved in the local community as much as possible, for example, visiting local shops and nature areas.  For children who are not in full-time education at school, there will be opportunities, at least once a week, for them to meet and play with other children at local playgroups and toddler groups.

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