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Following the signing of contracts, parents/carers are invited to attend an hour’s ‘Stay and Play’ session, with their child, free of charge.  This is an optional session to help ease your child’s transition into Steph’s Kiddiwinks care.  If you would like to have extra 'settling in' sessions, this can be arranged, at an additional cost.






If your child has a comfort from home that he/she needs at times, we would encourage you to send it with your child when possible.  This may be a blanket, teddy, toy, photo etc.  We will endeavour to look after this and keep it safe.


Parents are asked to send a spare set of clothing (including underwear) for their child each day.  These should be replaced when necessary.  In addition, we ask that weather appropriate clothing such as wellies, sunhats, gloves etc are provided when necessary along with appropriate sun protection products for your child.


Nappies, wipes and nappy bags should be brought in on a daily basis.


To help avoid contamination, children will use individual towels to dry their hands after handwashing. 

Wombourne childminder
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